Why KYC is Important for Crypto Exchanges

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Cryptocurrencies, which are based on blockchain technology and provide access to creative new financial goods and services, are disrupting financial systems all over the world. Cryptocurrencies – or the digital tokens that represent them – can be traded between blockchain users or through crypto exchange platforms that allow for both fiat and digital currency transactions. […]

Money Laundering – Top 3 Crimes Which Drive It

money laundering

The Crimes Which Drive Money Laundering Any offence that results in the generation of profits that may become the subject of an offence as specified in this UNDOC agreement is referred to as a predicate offence. Predicate offenders are motivated to maximize earnings, hence the goal of anti-money laundering (AML) procedures is to identify these […]

Fraud Trends 2022: How Fraud Will Change This Year

fraud trends 2022

A new year represents new prospects and a chance to start over for the majority of people. For fraudsters it appears like everything old is new again in 2022, including get-rich-quick schemes, crypto scams, romance frauds, and more. But, one thing fraudsters will do this year is pay more attention to the lives of their […]