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Making compliance efficient, cost-effective & effortless

See how the world's first AI-driven compliance investigator can reduce your costs and time spent on compliance by more than 70%



Customer Monitoring

Only look at positive matches after screening your entire client base for a few seconds.


Transaction Monitoring

An all-powerful rule engine that monitors and analyzes suspicious activity.


Fraud Detection

Protecting your organization from known and unknown threats


Compliance Investigations & Reporting

SARs are automatically generated, and periodic monitoring and risk assessments are performed.

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Our Solutions

Our data-driven approach provides unrivaled accuracy, speed, and transparency to financial institutions, allowing them to make quick decisions. Our solutions can benefit all types of financial institutions.



OMNIO Partners Up with Ocean Investments
As a strategic investor in OMNIO, Ocean Investments will support us throughout our path to rapid growth with financial resources and domain knowledge, business strategy, and the entire team of professionals and experts behind its back....
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How New Tech Eases the Burden on Fraud Teams
Because it is a low-risk, high-reward endeavor, online banking fraud has grown into a massive industry for cybercriminals. The sheer volume of fraud alerts received by banks and other financial institutions overwhelms fraud teams. The volume of false positives and negatives generated by traditional anti-fraud solutions exacerbates the situation. A new approach is urgently needed to save fraud teams time and money....
OMNIO Partners Up With SightSpan
We are excited to announce that we have partnered with SightSpan....
What is the Difference Between KYC and AML?
Because the terms KYC and AML are so close and are frequently used interchangeably, it can be difficult to understand how they differ in a regulatory context....

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