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Making compliance efficient, cost-effective & efortless

See how the world's first AI-driven compliance investigator can reduce your costs and time spent on compliance with more than 70%



Customer Monitoring

Screen your entire client base for seconds and review only positive matches


Transaction Monitoring

Omnipotent rule engine that monitors suspicious activity and analyzes it


Fraud Detection

Protecting your organization from known and unknown threats


Compliance Investigations & Reporting

Automatically writing SAR's, Periodic Monitoring & Risk Assessments

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The unique value of OMNIO comes from the "Resolution Engine" that is writing risk assessments and investigations exactly like a human, leaving no manual work for compliance officers and eliminating human error. You can focus on building the business.



Difference Between Terrorist Financing and Money Laundering
The terms "money laundering" and "terrorist financing" are so frequently discussed together that you might believe they're the same offense with no distinction....
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The Challenges for Crypto Regulation
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Money Laundering and Its Consequences for Charities
Charities that work on a global scale face significant financial and reputational risks. Even unintentional participation in financial crime, regardless of a charity's good intentions, can result in substantial legal ramifications, irreversible reputational loss, regulatory penalties, donor funding withdrawal, and financial service disruption....
Financial Crime Compliance – Why It’s Struggling
The prevalence of tick box culture when it comes to financial crime compliance work is part of the reason why fighting financial crimes is ineffective....

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