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Compliance Investigations & Reporting

Imagine all of your hard work performing investigations, filing SARs, and creating periodic monitoring reviews is reduced to a single click of the “generate” button.


How does it work

Simplifying your compliance operations

Your compliance procedures are being placed in the system, without writing a single line of code.
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Optimizing the process

OMNIO, like your compliance team, conducts automated reviews and assigns concrete resolutions to each new case. Your company's processes are replicated by the software.

Automation to a new level

The entire holistic analysis is done for you completely automatically.
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Conected Products

Transaction Monitoring

An all-powerful rule engine that monitors and analyzes suspicious activity.

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Customer Monitoring

Only look at positive matches after screening your entire client base for a few seconds.

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Fraud Detection

Protecting your organization from known and unknown threats

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Compliance Investigations & Reporting

SARs are automatically generated, and periodic monitoring and risk assessments are performed.

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