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Customer Monitoring

Instantly check for sanctions, PEP, and negative media. Remove false positives and make sure your review is auditable.


How does it work

We screen your entire customer base

All sanctions, PEP, and adverse media lists, as well as custom negative media add-ons, are analyzed and screened against your entire customer base with our solution.
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We resolve it for you

Our resolution engine combines all of your financial institution's data and analyzes it in the same way that your compliance team would. We write the evaluation, and you only get the positive matches.

Fully auditable decisions

On request, the entire decision-making process, which you set and which OMNIO executes automatically, is available for audit.

Conected Products

Customer Monitoring

Only look at positive matches after screening your entire client base for a few seconds.

Transaction Monitoring

An all-powerful rule engine that monitors and analyzes suspicious activity.

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Fraud Detection

Protecting your organization from known and unknown threats

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Compliance Investigations & Reporting

SARs are automatically generated, and periodic monitoring and risk assessments are performed.

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