OMNIO Partners Up with Ocean Investments

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We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Ocean Investments.

As a strategic investor in OMNIO, Ocean Investments will support us throughout our path to rapid growth with financial resources and domain knowledge, business strategy, and the entire team of professionals and experts behind its back.

About Ocean Investments

Ocean Investments is a family-owned investment holding focused on early-stage technology innovators. The company is dedicated to supporting individuals and start-ups in their growth plans and development ambitions, helping them realize their vision and scale up rapidly. The investment company’s focus industries are cybersecurity, HealthTech, FinTech, blockchain/AI & space.

Ocean Investments is founded by Atanas Simeonov, a highly respected entrepreneur, investor, businessman and health ambassador. After his foundational first 30 years of work, he is now dedicated to not only doing successful business but to creating a positive social and business-environmental impact. Driven by this great ambition, Atanas founded Ocean Investments with the ultimate aim of reinventing entrepreneurship.

What makes this partnership important

Providing us with access to their vast network of industry experts and high-level executives, as well as strategic guidance, Ocean Investments will be an instrumental partner for OMNIO’s long-term stable growth. This partnership will help OMNIO position itself as a leading global RegTech player and the first integrated Financial Crime Compliance CRM solution.

“We are thrilled to partner with Ocean Investments,” said Stoyan Lozanov, CEO of OMNIO. “Their expertise and deep understanding of the industry will help us scale OMNIO’s global business and bring our services to market faster than ever before.”

With Ocean Investments we believe we have found a partner who will be a stable ally along the way – by not only providing the capital but also the right networks and strategic pathways to success.

We look forward to working with Ocean Investments over the coming months through all the agony and ecstasy of rapid growth – until we reach the top, together!

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